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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is the governing body that leads the Democratic Party of the United States. During the 2020 Election cycle, I was the Mobilization-Design intern which consisted of engaging voters through designing social media content, digital organizing, and supporting the Biden-Harris campaign for this historic election. 

Go Vote Stylized Graphics_GoVote IG Stor

GOTV - Get Out the Vote

The 2020 Election had a historic voter turnout of 161 million Americans. Part of my responsibility at the DNC was to create Get Out the Vote (GOTV) content to mobilize and engage voters through visual content.

Greenfly Social Graphics:

These graphics were sent out to influencers the day before Election Day to bring people to to find their  polling place. 

Horoscope Social Graphics

I worked alongside two other designers on the team to create zodiac illustrations

Early Voting Social Graphics

Voter Education

Do you need an ID to vote?

@thedemocrats Instagram takeover. This was built out for all 50 states with voter ID requirements and information

Flip Fridays

Flip Fridays was a campaign on the @thedemocrats Instagram to educate voters on Democratic candidates running for seats in the U.S House of Representatives. 


"Baby Dem" Onesie

Issue Button Set

Notable Moments

Work featured on social media

Me on an all-staff call with Fmr. President

Barack Obama and President-Elect Joe Biden!